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How does an Extended Service Plan work? What does it cover?

When purchasing the plan, you can be rest assured that our Extended Service Plan will protect your covered product(s) of all mechanical and electrical parts, labor and trip charges to your home so you pay nothing out of pocket. If your product experiences a failure simply call the service department and have peace of mind knowing there are no deductibles to worry about. It will also come with a replacement policy that will replace your covered product(s) with a like model if it cannot be fixed.

What happens if my product(s) cannot be repaired?

If our certified technicians determine that your covered product(s) cannot be repaired, it will be fully replaced with a like model.

What if I decide to sell my covered product(s)?

Your protection is fully transferable and can potentially increase your resale value of your covered product(s).

Once my product is replaced, am I still covered?

Any product replacement fulfills your Essential Protection Plan coverage. However, a new Essential Protection Plan can be purchased for the replacement product for additional protection beyond the standard manufacturer’s warranty period.

What if I need Service? How do I file a claim?
  1. Visit www.myprotectionplan360.com to report your claim.
  2. Provide details of the failure.
  3. Customer service agents will provide the next steps to obtaining service.

You can also initiate your claim by calling the toll free number provided on the terms and conditions.

Is there a limit on how many service calls are covered?

If your covered product(s) experience a failure do not hesitate to call the service department. Your protection includes our replacement policy that will replace your covered product(s) with a like model if it cannot be repaired.

What if I move out of State? What is your coverage area?

Coverage is nationwide so you will have licensed technicians available to provide you with the service you need on all your covered product(s).

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